Bozark's Mass Effect D6 Core Rules, Sections 1 to 8:

Version 1.0: Click here to download

Bozark's Mass Effect D6 Section 11, NPCs and Templates:

Version 1.0: Click here to download

LeD6's Mass Effect D6 Rules:

An excellent fan created Mass Effect D6 rules set with tons of good content.
Thanks to our gaming friends in Poland!

Version 1.92: Click here to download

Latest version: 4Shared Link

David Gipe has some NPC stats for soldiers, drones, and more!
4/7/2012 Version: Click here to download Reference card pack #1 PDF,
featuring printable quick player references

3/7/13 Pack 1: Click here to download

An amazing story set in the Mass Effect universe
written by's own squrrelnoob:
Paragons and Renegades: Sojourn